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5 great reasons to celebrate PnrGo’s 5th birthday

5 great reasons to celebrate PnrGo’s 5th birthday

Today is the 5th birthday of PnrGo! It marks a significant milestone for the PnrGo team and we believe there are five good reasons why you might want to join us in celebrating this happy occasion.

Exactly 5 years ago we signed our first contract and the PnrGo project was officially born. We became the first company in the world offering a solution for non-scheduled operators to report PNR data. Since then, we’ve embarked on a journey to help business aviation and charter operators in automating part of their teams’ daily manual workload. We hope that — over these 5 years — we have made an appreciable positive impact for dispatch, flight, and ground operations professionals. So here are our five reasons to celebrate:

1: Our automated data transfer solutions can reduce your team’s daily workload even by 60%

Automation is the only way forward for fast-growing aviation businesses. It reduces the amount of manual work, giving your team more time to focus on the tasks that truly matter. Our mission at PnrGo is to automate the transfer of PAX and CREW data to the relevant authorities and help you stay fully compliant with the national regulations. We have recently interviewed one of the companies that uses PnrGo’s solutions and they have told us that their ground operations team have saved on around 60% of their daily workload. Is there a better way to measure our achievements than by looking at our customers’ success?

2: Our tools give you compliance and a peace of mind, keeping your business safe from penalties

PnrGo offers solutions that help your business stay compliant with the national API and PNR regulations, international sanctions, Secure Flight program, and the requirements of the two upcoming eu-LISA programmes. Non-compliance could largely damage your business and result in hefty fines and other legal consequences. We want your business to prosper as much as you do. And your peace of mind is equally important.

3: Our services keep evolving to meet your growing needs

Ever since we started, we have not once stopped developing our products and services. We closely monitor and analyze the changing regulations that impact the aviation industry. Our goal is to meet these challenges for you.

PnrGo started off as a small project around PNR data transfer, following the directive issued by the EU in 2016. Since then, we have been constantly expanding our network of country connections as well as flight scheduling software integrations. When sanctions screening became a ‘must’ for air operators, we built a sanctions screening tool, making sure to regularly add new sanctions lists based on demand. Once the European Union announced the introduction of EES and ETIAS, we devised a solution for carriers to comply with the new eu-LISA requirements. And in response to the expansion of TSA’s Secure Flight program in the States, we developed a one-stop software solution connecting carriers directly to the DHS Router.

Most importantly, we are always open to collaborate with you on new projects!

4: Our friendly team of experts supports you every step of the way

We don’t just offer products that make your work easier. With our solutions comes a reliable team of operations specialists that supports you every step of the way — from helping you choose the best method for data transfer, to training your dispatchers in the PnrGo system, to helping you resolve any ad-hoc issues. You are not alone — we are here for you.

5: Your valuable feedback and word-of-mouth recommendations help us grow

We always listen to you and value your opinion (and it makes us happy to see how our services help your business). Thanks to your presence and support, we have grown a lot over the past 5 years. Our system is used by 138 air operators, helping them manage close to 1500 aircraft. So far, we have helped you process the data of over 3 million passengers and shipped 767 thousand messages to 57 countries. But there is still so much more we can achieve so let’s continue this journey together!

Over 5 years, PnrGo has been chosen by 138 air operators to manage 1455 aircraft, process the data of 3.47 million passengers, and ship 767 000 messages to 57 countries.

Happy birthday, PnrGo - here's to another 5 years 🥂