Perfect solution
for Business Aviation
and Charter operator

Connections to
more than 30 countries
worldwide and growing

Be prepared for eu-LISA programs

PnrGo gives an easy to integrate solution for air operators

Easy to integrate

Quick to implement.

What we do

Leading system for automated transfer of PNR and APIs data for Business Aviation and Charter operators.

We make you compliant with PNR, API and eu-Lisa regulations

We facilitate legal communication between the carrier and authorities

We constantly adapt to new laws and regulations keeping our customers up to date

We guarantee extensive help in integrating and automating your operations into the system regardless of your technical means


We started as the first company worldwide to deliver PNR data for charter operators.

By adding PNL distribution, API and EES/ETIAS to our services, we estabilished ourseves as the leader on the market.

Our mission is to provide an affordable service for everyone.

Since 2018 over 100 air-operators trusted us and already use PnrGo platform to deliver PNR and API data worldwide and we are a leader to support ad-hoc and charter operators.

Fully automated

data is sent to authorities in the background of your business workflows

Competent team

a group of specialists with strong experience in aviation, IT and security

Data validation

we always check your data and notify you in case of any problems

Flexible fees

depends on the number of your flights

Seamless integration

from XLS files to system-to-system interfaces

You are not alone

our full assist during the registration processes, dedicated trainings and compliance tests

How it works

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Connect your flight database in the easy way or manage your flight schedules manually.


Our system monitors the flight schedule and initiates message processing automatically whenever needed.


Each time while processing data, PnrGo validates each message for both completeness and correctness.


When ready, the messages are sent directly to the correct European PIUs.

PNRGO in numbers

Air Operators







390 k


2093 k

Supported countries

We are connected to the majority of EU countries. We also offer connections to other countries worldwide like Canada, GB, USA, Russia, Turkey, CARICOM states.

  • we constantly expand our range of countries
  • if you operate flights to countries outside our scope we will make it our mission to help you
  • for the full list of countries, please contact us
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