Be prepared for eu-LISA programs

Be prepared for the new eu-LISA programs eu-LISA logo with European Union flag.

PnrGo provides an easy-to-integrate solution for air operators

Quick facts about the new eu-LISA programs

In 2023, the new Entry Exit System will be launched, which will affect all air operators in Europe and outside. In the next step, the European Travel Information and Authorisation System will be introduced next year.

Cornflower-blue circle background. EES

It aims to replace the manual stamping of passports with an electronic record of entries and exits.

Cornflower-blue circle background. ETIAS

It allows to verify if visa-exempt passengers have a valid travel authorisation.

What does it mean for Carriers?

There will be a legal obligation to query the status of the non-EU travellers and to verify:

if third-country national passengers travelling to the EU with a short-stay, single or double entry visa have already used the number of entries authorised by their visa.

if visa-exempt passengers have a valid travel authorisation.

The mandatory registration has already opened! PnrGo can help you fill out the necessary documentation and prepare for the compliance tests.
You can read more about the programs on the eu-LISA website.

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PnrGo facilitates the EES and ETIAS validation of travellers coming to the EU and Schengen zone. eu-LISA logo with European Union flag.

PnrGo as a solution

We offer a fully automated solution which ensures compliance with the EES and ETIAS requirements. Passenger validation query can be sent directly from your operational software or via our web interface.

PnrGo monitors data consistency in real time and, in case of any problems, notifies the air operator immediately. As a result, the risk of human error is reduced and there is less manual work involved in flight preparations.

Cornflower-blue circle background. SEP 2021 Registration started Each carrier must register in the eu-LISA databases
Cornflower-blue circle background. 2023 Compliance tests Mandatory for each carrier
Cornflower-blue circle backrgound. Cornflower-blue circle background. 2023 (TBC) GO LIVE From this date carriers must validate their passengers
Navy blue dotted line.
Light blue dotted line.
Small cornflower-blue circle. We assist you in the formal registration
Small cornflower-blue circle. Our team handles the necessary compliance tests in coordination with you
Small cornflower-blue circle. White circle background. The PnrGo system monitors your flights and automatically validates your passengers

Why PnrGo

Our mission is to provide an affordable service for everyone.

Since 2018 over 130 air operators have trusted us and started using the PnrGo platform to deliver PNR and API data worldwide. We are the leader in helping business and charter operators automate their PAX and CREW data transfer.

Automation icon - gear and video player triangle.

Fully automated

The data is sent to the relevant authorities in the background of your business operations.

Team of specialists icon - three people.

Competent team

We are a group of specialists with strong experience in aviation, IT and security.

Data validation icon - check mark and x mark.

Data validation

We always check your data and notify you in case of any problems.

Flexible fees icon - plane, dollar sign, and a star.

Flexible fees

We are open to create a custom offer tailored to your needs.

System integration icon - half globe and half gear with connectors around.

Seamless integration

From XLS files to system-to-system interfaces, we can integrate with any type of software.

Customer support icon - globe and headphones.

Customer support

We assist you during the registration process, with dedicated training sessions and compliance tests.

Contact us

Would you like to learn more about eu-LISA or PNR/API solutions? Send us a contact message or reach out to our sales team directly.

Sales (Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00 CET)

Phone EU: +48 22 100 26 14

Phone UK: +44 20 815 74771

Phone US: +1 516 590 1803


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