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What the new Secure Flight program means for US-based carriers

As of June 22, 2023, all US-based carriers are obliged to comply with the new TSA Secure Flight program. The data can be sent via DHS Router or manually via eSF web portal.

In case of manual data upload, carriers need to deal with records one by one. This makes the process time-consuming and creates extra workload for dispatchers.

This obligation concerns US-based operators and is valid for both domestic and international flights, even if the flight is taking place outside the US territory.

Choose PnrGo as the one-stop solution for TSA and eAPIS

PnrGo is a TSA certified data vendor that offers a one-stop software solution connecting US-based carriers directly to the DHS Router. All the required data is processed in an automated and secure way, thus eliminating the need for manual extra work.

Automated solution for eAPIS and TSA lists

Secured system-to-system connections

Time saving with no manual work required

Already integrated with many ops-software

Guaranteed compliance with changing regulations

Experienced customer support team

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