Sanctions Screening by PnrGo

Sanctions Screening
by PnrGo

Check your pax lists and get alerts about sanctioned passengers. Make sure your operations are risk free.

How sanctions create business risks for carriers

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All air carriers are obliged to make sure that they don’t carry sanctioned passengers on board. The topic has gained extreme importance since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Different sanctions lists have been created by such organizations as the UN, OFAC, EU or HMT (UK) and are being updated on a regular basis.

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Carriers face a high risk of civil and criminal penalties and loss of business in case of non-compliance.

Why carriers need a sanctions screening software

Sanctions lists are already extensive and constantly updated. We will save you tons of manual work by providing a tool that automates the whole screening process, so that you can stay focused on your business.

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Time and cost

No need for manual screening of each passenger or entire pax lists - everything is automated.

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All major
sanctions lists

Our system screens all the major lists with sanctions. New lists are being added on a regular basis.

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Activate your service with one click. No integration is required.

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Your business
is safe

Don’t worry about civil or criminal penalties. Focus on what really matters – developing your business.

How Sanctions Screening works with PnrGo

How sanctions screening works with PnrGo

Scanning can be fully automated or triggered just with a single button click. Our system will run through the sanctions lists and scan passengers, crew members, companies and aircraft.

In case there is a match, an alert will be displayed showing a scoring for the hit (e.g. 60% similarity that the scanned person is the one included in the lists).

You will be able to set a percentage threshold from which you get a notification alert in the system.

There is also a sanctions list search tool available, if you prefer to manually scan individual passengers.

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