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New integration: FL3XX Aviation Management Software and PnrGo’s PAX and CREW data solutions

New integration: FL3XX Aviation Management Software and PnrGo’s PAX and CREW data solutions

PnrGo offers automated PAX and CREW data solutions that constitute a natural extension of any Flight Management System. Today, we are happy to announce our new integration with FL3XX, a highly popular aviation management software.

Thanks to out-of-the-box integrations, PnrGo’s solutions can be easily switched on for operators using commercial aviation software in their daily operations. FL3XX Aviation Management Software offers over 100 integrated services, and has been on the market since 2010. Its established network of users spans across six continents. The integration between FL3XX and PnrGo has been highly requested by customers on both sides, and we are delighted to bring it to the table for everyone.

“Our collaboration process with FL3XX has been smooth and productive. Both companies focus largely on innovation so we are very excited to bring PnrGo's solutions to FL3XX's users,” said Aleksander Goszczycki, Co-Founder and Managing Director at PnrGo. “This integration marks a significant step forward for us!”

Paolo Sommariva, Co-Founder and CEO at FL3XX added: “Working with PnrGo on this new integration has been a breeze. Their professionalism stands out, and we’re thrilled to enhance FL3XX with more API/PNR features for our clients.”

FL3XX and PnrGo teams in Warsaw during integration works.
Chris Modlinski, Product Owner and Integration Specialist at FL3XX, visited PnrGo’s office in Warsaw during the integration works.

How does the FL3XX-PnrGo integration work?

FL3XX provides a wide range of tools and features that optimize workflows and enhance operational efficiency in sales, flight dispatch, crew control, maintenance, reporting, and handling any operational documents, manuals, and directives. Now, thanks to the integration with PnrGo, new functionalities have been implemented and are easily accessible to all the FL3XX users. PnrGo offers automated solutions for API and PNR, passenger vetting and travel authorisation checks (TSA Secure Flight, UK UPT, eu-LISA), and a sanctions screening tool.

Once enabled, PnrGo can extract the key flight data directly from FL3XX. The PAX and CREW data is then converted to the correct message format, and automatically sent to the right agency, at the required time. It relieves Ground and Flight Operation teams from tedious manual work, saving up 60% of their daily workload. The automatic transfer of data is safeguarded with PnrGo system notifications, visible within FL3XX. 

Additionally, the PnrGo’s sanctions screening solution brings an extra layer of confidence, helping operators keep their business compliant with international sanctions regimes. The sanctions scan can be triggered automatically or manually, depending on the need and is often used both by sales teams and flight operations.

About FL3XX:

FL3XX is the foundation of flight operations, setting the industry standard in flight management. With its precision, efficiency, and surprisingly enjoyable user experience, the platform supports a diverse range of aviation needs. Trusted by 200 companies globally, FL3XX integrates a wide range of services, saving operators thousands of work hours each month. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, FL3XX extends its presence across North America, EMEA, and Asia, continuously enhancing flight operations with innovation and ease.

About PnrGo:

PnrGo is an expert in PAX and CREW data compliance through automated transfer, reporting, and vetting. The company has developed solutions that set new standards for data exchange between air operators, border agencies, security agencies, and airports. PnrGo facilitates compliance with the national API and PNR regulations, international sanctions, various travel authorization programs, and passenger vetting schemes. To learn more about PnrGo, visit pnrgo.com, sign up to our newsletter, or follow us on LinkedIn.