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Avianis and PnrGo’s enhanced integration includes interactive data transfers for new UK UPT and eu-LISA regulations

Avianis and PnrGo’s enhanced integration includes interactive data transfers for new UK UPT and eu-LISA regulations

Avianis and PnrGo together offer a software solution that has made the daily flight scheduling workload much more manageable. Now, the integration has been enriched to prepare flight operations teams for new interactive PAX and CREW programs that international operators will need to comply with.

Avianis is an industry leading web-based business management solution for aviation operations. The integration with PnrGo allows their customers to easily comply with both local and international regulations on reporting passenger and crew data to the relevant security and border guard units. The benefits are noticeable from the start - less work for flight operations departments, elimination of human error, and a safety net against fines and sanctions for non-compliance with data transfer requirements.

What new regulations do air operators need to be prepared for in 2024?

2024 is set to bring two big changes for international operators - the UK UPT and the eu-LISA.

The UK’s Universal Permission to Travel scheme aims to ensure that all travelers have a valid travel permission before flying to or transiting through the UK. The scheme includes the introduction of ETA (the equivalent of American ESTA), verifiable for operators at the stage of iAPI or GAR submission. On 6th April, the UK will close the option to send GAR (General Aviation Report) via email, requiring all the operators who need to submit GAR to switch to interactive data transmissions.

The European Union’s Entry Exit System (part of eu-LISA) is expected to launch in Q3/Q4 2024. EES aims to replace the manual stamping of passports with a digital traveler registration in a central database. Carriers will need to validate passenger data interactively, prior to the departure.

PnrGo follows closely any changes in international regulations on passenger and crew data reporting and vetting. The company has gained expertise in automating compliance for air operators to help them quickly adopt such new requirements, and the upcoming changes have also become a priority for PnrGo’s integration partners.

Avianis and PnrGo’s integration turns interactive to meet the new regulations

The new regulations require an interactive data exchange where air operators submit passenger information and must receive an instantaneous response from the relevant authorities. This required a more advanced integration model between Avianis and PnrGo. Both teams worked closely to develop a two-way system communication enabling PnrGo to securely submit the passenger details from Avianis and then push the approval or refusal status back into the flight management software. The new workflow enables Avianis customers to be compliant with UK UPT, eu-LISA, TSA SecureFlight (via DHS router), Canadian API and PPP, and many other regulations around the world. From now on, the “Permission to Board” statuses are visible directly in the Avianis interface.

Avianis and PnrGo teams met at the Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference 2024 in Fort Worth, TX, after the enhanced integration was announced publicly.
Avianis and PnrGo teams met at the Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference 2024 in Fort Worth, TX, after the enhanced integration was announced publicly.

"We are excited to advance our integration with PnrGo to handle interactive passenger and crew data transfers that ensure compliance with new regulations, such as UK UPT or eu-LISA. Along with the capability to adhere to TSA Secure Flight, Canadian API and PPP, Avianis business and charter operators can now navigate the complex international travel requirements  effortlessly," states Alek Strygin, COO of Portside, the parent company of Avianis.

“We are very happy with our cooperation with Avianis,” says Tomasz Lewandowski, Product Owner at PnrGo. “It’s important for air operators to be ready for the upcoming new regulations and improving our integration is the best way for us to tell our customers: we are here for you to help you face any new challenges on the horizon!”

About Portside

Portside, Inc. is a premier provider of modern software solutions for the business aviation industry. Portside’s cloud-based operating system for business and government aviation is designed to support all aspects of flight operations, including scheduling and recordkeeping (Avianis, BART and PFM product lines), fleet and crew optimization (Portside Optimizer), data sharing, reporting and analytics (Portside Owner Portal / Budget & Planning Dashboard), customer billing (ExpensePulse), crew recruiting (Staffing Marketplace), crew and passenger travel accommodations (Trip Assist), and safety management (Baldwin SMS). Portside supports over 1,000 operators of business jets, helicopters, medevac, industrial and government fleets, as well as fractional ownership programs, in over 30 countries. For more information, contact Portside at sales@portside.aero or visit https://portside.co/.

About PnrGo

PnrGo is an expert in PAX and CREW data compliance through automated transfer, reporting, and vetting. The company has developed solutions that set new standards for data exchange between air operators, border agencies, security agencies, and airports. PnrGo facilitates compliance with API and PNR regulations worldwide, offering system connections for eAPIS in the USA, IAPI in Canada, and many more. Through interactive connections, PnrGo enables air operators to easily meet the requirements for various travel authorization programs (e.g. UK ETA) and passenger vetting schemes (e.g. TSA Secure Flight). The company has also built a sanctions screening tool that covers all major international lists, including OFAC, UN, and EU sanctions. To learn more about PnrGo, visit pnrgo.com, sign up to our newsletter, or follow us on LinkedIn.