User Interface

To login to PnrGo application please go to website and provide your username and password into the login form.

If you don’t remember your password you can reset it by clicking “Forgot your password?” link. Then follow instruction given on the second form.

Configuring an account

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Flights list

The main view in application is Flights List. Here you can find all flights imported from external applications as well manually added to PnrGo. Depend on configuration you are able to view/edit/remove particular record.

On the list are visible arrival and departure airports and scheduled times, number of PNRs and passengers assigned to this flight and status of PNRGOV pushes. There also are 3 time-statuses, marked as flight’s row background:

  1. white appears with one of these conditions
    1. flight’s STD is in future
    2. ATD is received
  2. Yellow appears when ATD is not received and:
    1. NOW – STD < 30 minutes
    2. NOW – ETD < 30 minutes
  3. Red appears when ATD is not received and:
    1. NOW – STD >= 30 minutes
    2. NOW – ETD >= 30 minutes

Adding new flight

To add new flight please click ADD FLIGHT button. On the form please fill flight’s details. The PROCESSING ENABLED checkbox should normally be checked to process this flight in system. If you wish to not process this flight you can uncheck this option.

Removing flight

Depend on configuration you can see not all flights are removable. Usually automatic received flights from external applications (like Leon) should not be editable which means you can’t also delete them. From other hand manually added flights should be always removable. However if any process started on the flight, you are not able to delete it anymore.

Editing flight

You are able to edit flights details, especially change the ETD/ATD times. Please mind if your configuration allows you to edit automatically received flights, once it is edited manually, the external changes are no longer applicable for this flight. This status is shown as blue dot on the flights list. If you wish to reset it back to automatic mode please click the AUTOMATIC MODE button in action column.

Managing passengers details

To generate PNRGOV message the passenger data are needed. To prepare/collect these data you can go with three scenarios.

Automatically integration

If configured, automatically Import passengers from external application and envelope it into single PNR will be proceeded. PnrGo every 5 minutes will check external sources and replace kept data with new received ones. With this scenario you are able to receive warning when the list is empty before first PNRGOV PUSH. Also you can allow or block PNRGOV generation on empty list.

Manual editing

You can create one or more PNRs containers manually and input each passenger using the form. The data can be changed anytime, but on PNRGOV creation moment are taken the actual ones.

To add new PNR container please click +ADD PNR button. New container will be created with empty list of passenger. To edit already created PNR please click on its TAB. To remove existing PNR select it for editing and click DELETE PNR button.

To add passenger into PNR please click ADD PASSENGER button. New row will be added on the list with empty fields you should complete. If you want delete a passenger please click on TRASH button at the Action column for selected passenger.

IMPORTANT! Please mind the changes will be saved only when SAVE PNR button was clicked!

Manual importing

You can create one or more PNRs containers manually and import list(s) form XLS or CSV file(s). You can find how to manage PNRs in the previous chapter.

To import passengers for selected PNR please click UPLOAD button. The “Ignore 1st row” options allow you to decide if your file contains header row or not and if you need to skip it. Once UPLOAD button has been clicked the Select file… window appears and you can select the file you wish to import. Please mind only strict formats are allowed. The templates you are able to download from the help section.

IMPORTANT! Please mind importing new file will REPLACE all existing data in selected PNR!