Monitoring and alerts

The PnrGo monitoring module analyses each flight separately. In case of the result three types of internal alerts can be send: INFO, WARNING and CRITICAL. Carrier can configure a list of email addresses where messages will be forwarded depend on severity level. Below is a list of aspects PnrGo watches on.

Early empty passenger list alert

On [XXX] minutes before STD if the list of passengers is empty. If yes, a WARNING is sent.

Submission trigger

The moment to generate and send a PNRGOV for a particular country. The process is generated and if all its’ tasks ended successfully the INFO message, otherwise the WARNING or CRITICAL is sent.

Flight ATD not received alert

On [XX] minutes after STD (or ETD if received) if no ATD time is received, the WARNING or CRITICAL message is sent.

Empty PNRGOV alert

When „allow send empty PNRGOV” option is set on FALSE, generation of the PNRGOV is blocked and a WARNING is sent.

If the option is set on TRUE, the PNRGOV is processed normally and the INFO message is sent, but contains information the passenger list was empty.

Retry strategy

When submission must be made, the process is created for it, and set of task are generated in this process. You can see the list of all processes and their statuses on the flight form in first tabs.

In case the task in process is ended with no success, it change own status to retry and new task is generated with trigger in future. The retry strategy defines two sections:

  • SHORT, where want to defined a number of frequent repetitions, which covers temporary issues with network for example
  • LONG, where want to define a number of repetitions with a longer period between them, which covers more serious issues

From the other hand to not spam a mailbox, related alerts will be sent according to their own frequency and number configuration. For example, you can imagine this as: “send me alert every 30 minutes even if the task is failing each minute”.