Flight schedules

The fundamental element of the PnrGo service is the flight schedule. All events and monitoring are based on the schedule. Flight data can be provided automatically by the integrator with the Leon system, or manual entry via the PnrGo user interface.

Getting data from Leon

If you use the Leon software, all you need is to prepare the user to whom PnrGo will connect to your flight database. It should have the following permissions:

PnrGo will track your flights every 5 minutes and take all of them that are classified as a PNR flight.

What types of flights are pulled from Leon

The flight must be configured with these rules:

  1. Flight must be CONFIRMED.
  2. The FERRY checkbox must NOT be checked.
  3. Flight must NOT be CANCELLED.
  4. SALES TYPE must be PAX or OWNER.
  5. Flight must NOT be a DOMESTIC flight.
  6. One of airports (departure or arrival) must be located in country defined as PNR-READY.
  7. Flight number must start from your ICAO or IATA prefix code.

Managing flights manually

PnrGo allows you to manage your flight database manually. You can add, edit and remove a flight using user interface. You can read more about these actions in User Interface section.