Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit data received from Leon

Enabling and disabling editors is changeable from GUI, so you can change it any time you need. The goal is to automatize everything, so in typical scenario you should do all changes in Leon.

What types of flights are pulled from Leon

The flight must be configured with these rules:

  1. Must be confirmed
  2. Ferry checkbox must NOT be checked
  3. Must NOT be cancelled
  4. Sales type must be PAX or OWNER
  5. Must NOT be domestic flight
  6. One of airport (dep or arr) must be in PL
  7. Flight number must start from XXX (your prefix code)

When messages are sent to PL-PIU

Every 5 minutes flights are imported to PnrGo, and on STD-25h and ATD+10m the messages are generated and sent.

Leon does not support ID CARD as travel document

Leon is processing only PASSPORTS, but passengers are able to travel with ID CARD as well. The issue is requested to Leon, but it takes a while for them to prepare solution. At the moment we did a workaround to use a notes (description) field on passport record. If any or specific note is added, then we treat this document as ID CARD.